Monday, March 23, 2009

Blitzkrieg (DC Comics, 1976)

There was some odd things that DC was experimenting with during their mid-1970s "Explosion!"...and this title was one of 'em. I can remember seeing ads for this book in mid-1970s back issues I'd run across when I was a kid and wonder what the deal was....

From Wikipedia:

Blitzkrieg was a short-lived 1970s war-themed comic book published by DC Comics.

The focus of the series was an anthology of World War II stories featuring soldiers of Nazi Germany as well as the civilians resisting or victimized by the regime.

Unlike the more famous stories of the German World War I flying ace, Hans von Hammer, a.k.a. The Enemy Ace, the stories in this series kept an unambiguously negative tone against the World World II German military. The series was also notable for its strong (for the time) depictions of violence and gruesome images.

My interest in Tarintino's upcoming film, Ingloriuos Basterds, is what spurred on my revisitation of this series...

This flick looks like it's gonna be The Dirty Dozen on PCP....which translates to "awesome" in my book..

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Blitzkrieg #1-#5 ZIP file

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