Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Stomachs get even at night." 1968 Wally Wood Alka-Seltzer Ad

Being a big fan of the works of the late Wallace "Wally" Wood, I was delighted to have discovered this.

Wally Wood's colorful Alka-Seltzer print ad, "Stomachs Get Even At Night," was a huge success, winning a 1967 Art Directors Club Medal. The ad received such a favorable response that Wood was hired to convert it into storyboards, and this 1968 TV commercial was the result.

Download Link:
1968 Wally Wood Alka-Seltzer Ad .AVI

Bonus: Original Print Ad and Storyboard Art

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Youngblood (with extra Rob Liefeld wonderfulness)

Going through my comic collection the other day, I cran across copies of the first 8 issues of Rob Liefeld's Youngblood (two extra copies of #1 and #2, even) Now...I can remember actually buying the first two issues when they came out...but realized the error of my ways earlier than the rest of the fanboys around me, and stopping there. For the life of me I cannot remember where and when I came to acquire these other issues...for the faintest idea why I'd have lost my senses and bought them. I have a theory, that involves an early Saturday morning trip to the local fleamrket/swap meet, hung over, and getting a good laugh at digging through long boxes of comics there offered by shady dealers.

"Hey...remember Youngblood? Whatta load of....oh,...they're a quarter apiece? Sold!"

Now..I'm not here to ridicule the talents of Rob. Other folks funnier than myself have already done that to death. I'm just here to share my pain....and some goofy stuff I had laying around on VHS that I had totally forgotten about. Enjoy!

Younblood #0-#8

Rob's Levi's 501 commercial AVI file