Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Adventures of Big Boy #1 (Big Boy Restaurants , 1955)

An open letter to eBay, from the Hong Kong Cavalier-

Dear eBay,

Thank you yet again for indulging yet another binge of impulse spending brought on by crushing depression-inducing nostalgia. The other day while dining in one of our fine local Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants (of which there are several here in Ohio....they're kinda like Ohio's answer to Canada's fine Tim Horton's establishments....practically one within a stone's throw of anywhere you might be), I came to a sudden realization....none of the local Big Boy joints offer a staple of my childhood, The Adventures of Big Boy comic books. So thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend an arm and a leg on the following examples of Americana.

Signed (XOXOXO)- The Hong Kong Cavalier

P.S.- As if I didn't already have enough worthless junk in my house already....

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The Adventures of Big Boy #1 CBZ file

Big Boy Menu (circa 1950s) CBZ file

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