Monday, April 28, 2008

Marvel Star Wars Part #1- A New Hope

Inspired by the recent Spike! broadcast of the entire saga (and playing alot of Battlefront and Battlefront II), I decided to revisit a part of the Star Wars experience that I enjoyed alot as a child: the non-canon (?) Expanded Universe stuff that Marvel Comics produced in from 1977-1985.

I actually subscribed to this book as a kid, and then later was able to score a complete run of the title during my college days in the early 1990s for a little bit of nothing, simply because at that period, nostalgia for the franchise was at an all-time low (this was prior to other Expanded Universe concepts as The Thrawn trilogy of books and the Dark Horse Dark Empire comics heralding it's return), when one could practically get Near Mint copies out of quarter bins and such.

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

Star Wars (Marvel ) 1977 #1-#6 "A New Hope" CBZ Zip file

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