Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Archie Andrews Radio Show

America's favorite teenagers, Archie Andrews and the Riverdale gang, actually had a fairly lengthy run on radio in it's heyday. The first incarnation of the show debuted on May 31, 1943, and continued as a five times a week, 15 minute show on the Blue Network until October 1st, when it became a weekly 25 minute series. This did not last long, because on December 24, 1943, this incarnation of the show ended.

But, then from January 17 to June 2, 1944, it aired yet again as a 15 minute daily show on the Mutual network, then taking another brief hiatus and debuting on NBC a year later on June 2, 1945, switching back to a weekly 30 minute show airred on Saturday mornings, until September 5th, 1953, sponsored by Swift and Company.

Cast :

Charles Mullen, Jack Grimes, Burt Boyar as Archie Andrews
Bob Hastings as Archie during the NBC run.
Harlan Stone and Cameron Andrews as Jughead Jones
Rosemary Rice as Betty Cooper
Gloria Mann and Vivian Smolen as Veronica Lodge
Alice Yourman and Arthur Kohl as Mary and Fred Andrews
Paul Gordon as Reggie Mantle
Arthur Maitland as Mr. Weatherbee

Announcer : Bob Sherry
Music : George Wright
Produceer : Kenneth W. MacGregor
Sound Effects : Agnew Horine

Here's a few episodes (hosted by Internet Archive) from the NBC run of the show (just right click the link to download):

Drugstore Mixup 07/27/1946

Suffering from the Heat- 08/07/1948

The New TV Set- 05/21/1949

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