Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gary Gianni's The MonsterMen (1999, Dark Horse Comics)

For decades, the skull of the world's most dangerous necromancer has been guarded in a secret Tibetan monastery. Now the whereabouts of the skull have been discovered by creatures who would use it to awaken its former owner. Now Benedict, boneweary after five centuries of battling for the Order of Corpus Monstrum, heads into the Himalayas to take possession of the skull, but not before confronting the monstrous Yeti, while St. George, millionaire film mogul, falls off the side of a mountain. Eisner Award winner Gary Gianni (Batman Black & White, Solomon Kane) breaks out of the pages of Hellboy with his bizarre adventure team in their first feature presentation. Mike Mignola provides a backup: "Goodbye Mister Tod," in which Hellboy battles a horrible thing that's coming out of a guy's mouth.

I remember really digging this book (and it's cast of characters, which I first discovered via the back-up published in various Hellboy projects), and had hoped Gianni would follow up on it, but I believe he hasn't. It's a shame, too..

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