Saturday, November 7, 2009

Charlton Bullseye #5: WarHund (Charlton Comics, 1982)

From Wikipedia:

Charlton Bullseye was the title of a Charlton Comics short-lived showcase comic series published in 1981. Several new story using their "Action Heroes" appeared, before they would sell them to DC Comics. After the cancellation of this title, stories intended for it would be published in "Scary Tales" #36-40, which explains the superhero story "Mr. Jigsaw" in #38 and "Dragon Force" in #40.Contents: 1/ Blue Beetle and The Question with art by Dan Reed. 2/"Funny Animal" stories featuring the first appearance of Neil the Horse by Arn Saba. 3/Swords and Sorcery/Science Fiction 4/The Vanguards by Larry Houston. (All-woman super team) 5/The Barbarian, Warhund with art by Chas Truog and colors by Wendy Fiore. 6/Thunder Bunny by Martin L. Greim. (first appearance) Mike Mauser story by Rick Burchett. 7/Captain Atom with art by Dan Reed and Nightshade by Bill Black. 8/Horror stories 9/"Bludd, the Ultimate Barbarian" a science fiction barbarian story. Art partially done by Gene Day. 10/Thunder Bunny In 1985, a final attempt at a revival was spearheaded by new Editor T.C. Ford with a direct-market only version of Charlton Bullseye Special which featured work by then newcomers Amanda Conner, T.C. Ford and Chris Pridgen. United Comics, T.C. Ford's publishing house, plans to reprint this edition as Shockwave #1 in 2008.

I recently picked up a copy of Charlton Bullseye #5 featuring Warhund at a local dirtmal/fleamarket, amongst a stack of about 30 various Bronze Age oddball books and early/mid 1980s indy books for 50 cents apiece. Then, a weird coincidence happened...

I was bored one night, and after having finished reading the final issue of the recent DC Comics miniseries, The Last Days of Animal Man, I decided to break out my copies of Grant Morrison's run of the character's series and re-read them. In Animal Man #23, I ran across the following two panels (during Morrison's "Second Crisis" storyline)....

Seems that the artist of that particular run of Animal, Chas. Truog...the creator of Warhund.

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