Monday, February 2, 2009

WCW World Championship Wrestling #1 (April 1992, Marvel)

Remember the good ol' days when comic book properties themselves weren't looked at as potential seeds for multimedia franchises? Back when the big publishers would license nearly anything, hoping to catch some of the backend cashflow from whatever might just happen to become the next big fad or trend? Well, this book is yet another casualty of that by-gone era, and one of the more enjoyable "WTF?!?" moments of 1990s Marvel (and there were alot of those).

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of old-school wrasslin', steeped heavy in the seemingly long-gone practice of kayfabe...and was a HUGE fan of this particular promotion, which was a natural evolution of my childhood love of the southern promotions involved in the "sport" (i.e., the AWA, NWA, USWA, Smokey Mountain Wrestlin, etc.,....). During the "Monday Night War" (the last time I took an active interest in professional wrestling), I was a member of the WCW side of the battle.

What I really enjoy is going back a re-watching the pre Monday Nitro (pre-1995) WCW, back when it was just a programming filler on Saturday nights on TBS, back when it was still knee-deep in kayfabe and some of the really....interesting....gimmicks and acts were being pawned off on the viewers.

This book is ridiculously corny, but chock to the brim with unitentional humor and just, mean REALLY BAD artwork and scripts. It lasted 12 issues, and trust me, it's murder to try and make er way through 'em.

Which is why they're perfect fodder for inflicting pain on my readers.....

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