Monday, November 3, 2008

U.S. #1 (Marvel, May 1983)

This is a book I've been wanting to showcase for awhile, simply because of how goofy the premise and concept is.

It's about a trucker....with a hi-tech (by 1983 standards) 18 wheeler...with a CB radio implanted in his skull.

Yes....I actually bought this book as a kid (it lasted 12 issues, amazingly). Why? I was 9 years old, that's why. It was just another in a line of Marvel books where the publisher tried to cash in on a fad (this time around, the citizen's band radio craze), but someone forgot to tell Marvel that the fad was over about 3 years earlier...kinda like the Dazzler. The book was also a licensed toy tie-in...which about 50% of the time is usually a death knell for comic book to begin with...

Though I do remember towards the end of the run the reason I was buying the book was for the amazing painted covers by an early favorite artist of mine, Mike Golden....too bad he wasn't on the interior pencils.
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U.S. 1 #1 CBR file

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