Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wonder Woman and the Star Riders (promo mini comic, 1992)

Y'know....if ya couldn't already tell by some of the other stuff I've posted here....I'm a huge packrat with a nostalgic streak a mile long. And in my journeys on this planet, I've accumulated some really odd stuff. And, yet's another one that kinda takes the cake....

I'll set the's 1992, I'm 18 years old, just fresh outta high school, and spending the summer between graduation and starting college that September drinking as much as I can possibly get my hands on. At some point during that drunken stupor, I stumble into the hometown IGA store (that's "Independent Grocers Association" for the uninformed) and while walking down the cereal aisle take notice of familiar DC characters adorning boxes of Kellogg's Cinammon Mini Buns.

Booze'll make ya do funny things. Made me think that it was a good idea to buy arund 8 boxes of this crap trying to get the four mini comics they may or may have not contained....

Above: The 1992/93 (?) Toy Fair promo pic of the prototypes for the line

For years, I had known that this was a failed attempt by Mattell to launch a Wonder Woman themed action figure line for girls, and that it had basically made it to the prototype stage and some pre-production work had been done on an animated tie-in that never made it off the ground, but after running across this mini-comic again while digging through a box of old toy promo mini comics I had shoved under a bed in an upstairs bedroom (which, by the way, was chock full of other goodies, such as several of the Masters of the Universe mini-comics those toys came packaged with, and a complete set of all 23 Kenner Super Powers mini-comics...told ya I'm a pack rat), but I decided to do a little online research on the subject and ran across this really funny and comprehensive article at on the line that tells the whole grusome story....enjoy.

Below: A piece of concept art used for the proposed animated tie-in:

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload):

Wonder Woman and the Star Riders mini-comic CBR file


D-W-P said...
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D-W-P said...

A long shot since you haven't updated this blog in eight years and your website is still linked to a GeoCities account, but here goes:

I have a friend who has something of an obsessive streak. He was recently made aware of this promo comic and really wants to read it. Any chance you still have the CBR file lying around?