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The Dell Comics Monster Superheroes

I remember as a kid in the late 1980s reading about these comics in an article devoted to them in the (now defunct) fan magazine, Comics Feature. Being a young horror fan, as well as a comic book fanboy, I was intrigued.

Memories of this article lay dormant in the back of my head for a couple of decades, until I ran into a copy of Frankenstein #2 at a local convention, and much to my surprise within a few months (via local shops, conventions, and pure dumb luck) I was actually able to amass a near complete collection of the titles (I've never run across a copy of Frankenstein #4, see pic below)....So, without further ado, here's the DELL MONSTER SUPERHEROES:

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Dracula #1-#4 CBR zip file

From Wikipedia:

Dracula is a superhero comic book series published by Dell Comics, based on the three classic Universal Pictures monsters. Dracula lasted 3 issues from 1966 through 1967, numbered 2 through 4. (#1, published in 1962, was an adaptation of the 1931 film). In 1972-73, Dell reprinted the series, numbering them #6-8 (the reason for skipping issue #5 is unknown). The hero of the comic, Dracula, is a direct descendant of the original Count Dracula, now working as a medical researcher in the old Dracula castle. Due to his experiments, he gains certain bat-like powers (like being able to turn into a bat, etc.). He then embarks on a superhero career, making a costume and leaving for America (since the local peasants have burned down his castle). In America, he adopts the secret identity of "Al U. Card." In issue #4, his lab assistant B.B. Beebe accidentally gains the same powers, and became his sidekick, Fleeta.

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Frankenstein #1-#3 CBR zip file

From Wikipedia:

A character based on the literary and movie monster Frankenstein was the star of a short-lived attempt by Dell Comics to publish superhero comic books based on the Universal Pictures monsters.

Frankenstein lasted three issues, numbered 2-4 (Sept. 1966- March 1967). Issue #1 had been a 1964 adaptation of the 1931 movie. Art was by Tony Tallarico.

Frankenstein is Frankenstein's Monster, who has been lying dormant under a castle (while a large modern city has grown around it). Upon awakening, he makes a rubber mask to hide the fact his skin in green (or at least his head), and takes the name "Frank N. Stone". Befriending a billionaire, who dies and leaves Frank his fortune, he now devotes his life to being a superhero.

From Wikipedia:

Werewolf is a fictional superhero that appeared in comics published by Dell Comics. Werewolf was part of Dell Comic's attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Universal Pictures monsters (the other two were Dracula and Frankenstein). Werewolf first appeared in Werewolf #1 (December 1966).

Werewolf lasted 3 issues from 1966 through 1967, numbering #1-3. Because "Wolfman" was a copyrighted name, Dell went with the more generic "Werewolf". Credit for the scripts is unclear, but they may have been written by Don Segall; artwork for all three issues was provided by Bill Fracchio, with inks by Tony Tallarico.

Werewolf is really Airforce Major Wiley Wolf. After crashing in the Arctic Circle, he lived with a group of wolves, saving one he named Thor. After being rescued he became a CIA operative, along with Thor. The CIA provides Wolf with a high-tech suit, which makes him bulletproof and protects him from chemicals and gases. He uses the suit to fight the enemies of freedom and democracy.

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Werewolf #1-#3 CBR zip file

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