Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dell Four Color #596: Turok, Son of Stone (Dell, 1954)

This is one of the prizes of my collection, IMO. Dell Four Color #596 (1954) is the first appearance of Turok, Son of Stone, a fairly long-lived property that's spawned two separate comic book incarnations (Dell/Gold Key/ Whitman's Silver Age version and the popular 1990s Valiant version: Turok-Dinosaur Hunter), as well as a successful video game franchise (and one of my personal favorite first person shooters of all time, to boot).

What inspired this particular post was the recent animated direct-to-DVD adaptation of the character which hit store shelves earlier this month:

The flick's not bad,'s just not Turok. The character I remember reading from youth, in second hand copies found at local rummage shops and yard sales wasn't thrown into a berserker rage whenever confronted with conflict...he always seemed to be one of the cooler headed heroes of the comic book pages, adapting quickly to his strange enviroment full of cavemen and dinosaurs....oh well....just chalk it up to an old fogey pitchin' a bitch about a "revisionist" take on a favorite character. Now, I know exactly what those Silver Age fans meant when they used to moanabout stuff during my youth in the 1980s and 90s.

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