Monday, January 28, 2008

Brother Power, The Geek #1 (DC Comics, 1968)

Brother Power, The Geek has been a long-time fascination of mine, after reading about the character in DC's wonderful 1980s "sourcebook" publication, Who's Who : The Definitive Guide to the DC Universe (from which this blog takes it's namesake).

About a year or so back, I actually ran into copies of both issues of this series at a convention and got 'em for a, I've decided to share scans of the book with you, Fellow Fanboys and Girls...because I should not be alone in my pain.

From Wikipedia:

Brother Power the Geek was a comic book character created in the late 1960s for DC Comics by Joe Simon. He first appeared in Brother Power the Geek #1 (October 1968).

According to Simon, the concept behind Brother Power was derived heavily from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, right down to reanimation with the use of lightning. At the same time, Simon was also attempting to capture the sort of "wandering outcast philosopher" characterization that made Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer a cult hit amongst the college student readers of the period.

According to Scott Shaw!, the character was originally supposed to be called The Freak, but was renamed to The Geek due to concerns by DC Comics management over the possible drug reference "freak" implied at the time.

I love it when a bunch of 40 year old dudes try and come up with something they think is trendy and has it's finger on the pulse of the current youth market....

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